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Nanobodies antibodies
2023-02-20 138

Nanobodies are tiny, recombinantly produced antigen binding VHH fragments, derived from the Alpaca heavy chain IgG antibody (HCAb).Nanobodies have become an essential tool in drug discovery. They are helping scientists design new therapeutics,and develop medicines that could one day replace complex treatment regimens with single, multi-action medicines. Combined with AntibodySystem's large-scale manufacturing capacity, Nanobodies and other cutting-edge technologies are empowering scientists develop the medicines of tomorrow.

Nanobodies come in a variety of formats. They are raised against a fairly diverse range of antigens, and are thus highly versatile tools, capable of being employed in a variety of different situations.The most common uses for a nanobody are experiments that you are likely already familiar with, like immunoprecipitation, or fluorescence microscopy.

When compared to traditional monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, nanobodies are:Smaller,More consistent,Higher affinity,Easier to use

The VHH domain represents the absolute smallest antibody fragment necessary to specifically bind an antigen with exceptionally high affinity.


Smaller molecular weight:The molecular weight is only 15kDa, which is 1/10 of traditional antibody. The steric hindrance is smaller and easier to approach the target.

Dual tag recognition:8His+Cys-tag;

High coupling efficiency :Cys-tag was designed independently to realize the efficient and High-efficient directional labeling and conjugating

Stronger Specificity:Compared with traditional antibodies, removing the FC tail contributes to less interference signal, lower background as well as higher activity.

Extensive target coverage: 2000 active nanobodies, nearly 1000 targets

Wide applications: Neutralization blocking,Immunoprecipitation,Western blot,Affinity determination,Flow detection,Radioimmunoassay and other related experiments

Excellent mammalian expression system: In contrast to the conventional nanbodies which mostly employ prokaryotic expression system, the whole series of Magic-XtenNano®Nanobody adopts the state-of-art XtenCHO™ mammalian expression system originated from France, can better guarantee correct modification and activity.

Quality control: All the production process are implemented in clean room and endotoxin is at relatively low level, meeting the needs of various experiments.

Product name Catalog No. Applications
Anti-Vibrio cholerae ctxB/Cholera Toxin Subunit B Nanobody (A9) RXX05801 Elisa,block
Anti-P.gingivalis PorM Nanobody (Nb01) RXX05901 ELISA,WB
Anti-P.gingivalis fimA/Fimbrilin Nanobody (123-123-10) RXX06001 Block,ELISA,WB
Anti-Mouse CD223/LAG3 Nanobody (SAA0767) FMD30410 ELISA,FCM
Anti-Human EGFR/ERBB1/HER1 Nanobody (SAA0792) RHB86901 ELISA,FCM
Anti-Human SERPINE1/PAI-1 Nanobody (SAA0793) RHC13901 Block,ELISA,WB
Anti-Human CFTR Nanobody (SAA0794) RHC98301 ELISA,FCM
Anti-Human CXCR7/ACKR3 Nanobody (SAA0795) RHD66201 Block,ELISA
Anti-Human MC4R Nanobody (SAA0796) RHD99201 Block,ELISA,FCM
Anti-Human PTH1R Nanobody (SAA0797) RHF99301 ELISA,RIA
Anti-Human IL6 Nanobody (SAA0798) RHC15801  Block,ELISA
Anti-Human CDH17/Cadherin-17 Nanobody (SAA0804) RHG31401 FCM,WB
Anti-Human Albumin/HSA Nanobody (SAA0807) RHC01401 ELISA
Anti-Mouse CD282/TLR2 Nanobody (SAA0821) RMA95501 Block,ELISA
Anti-Human MAGEB1 Nanobody (SAA0834) RHE42701 ELISA
Anti-Human CD340/ERBB2/HER2 Nanobody (SAA0836) RHC09601 ELISA,RIA
Anti-Human CD66e/CEA/CEACAM5 Nanobody (SAA0837) RHC21002 ELISA,FCM,SPR
Anti-Human CD66e/CEA/CEACAM5 Nanobody (SAA0838) RHC21003 ELISA,FCM,SPR
Anti-Vibrio cholerae higB-2 Nanobody (SAA0850) RXX10101 ELISA
Anti-Human ALB Nanobody (SAA1154) RHC01404 FCM
Anti-Human CD71/TFRC Nanobody (SAA1205) RHC02001 ELISA,FCM,WB
Anti-Human CAT/Catalase Nanobody (SAA1202) RHC05301 ELISA
Anti-Human CD230/PRNP Nanobody (SAA0883) RHC07001 ELISA
Anti-Human CD3E Nanobody (SAA1330) RHC27701 ELISA,FCM
Anti-Human CD221/IGF1R Nanobody (SAA1314) RHC29901 ELISA,FCM,SPR
Anti-Human CHRM2 Nanobody (SAA1214) RHC30701 FCM,RIA
Anti-Human MET/c-Met/HGFR Nanobody (SAA1308) RHC34202 ELISA,FCM
Anti-Human CD49e/ITGA5 Nanobody (SAA1304) RHC35101 ELISA
Anti-Human VIM/Vimentin Nanobody (SAA1226) RHC35305 ELISA,IF,SPR,WB
Anti-Human KRT19/CK19 Nanobody (SAA1367) RHC36001 ELISA,FCM,IHC,IP,WB
Anti-Human CD126/IL6R/IL-6RA Nanobody (SAA1278) RHC36901 ELISA,FCM,SPR
Anti-Human CD7 Nanobody (SAA1260) RHC41801 ELISA,FCM
Anti-Human FURIN Nanobody (SAA1180) RHC44601 ELISA,IP,SPR
Anti-Human C4A Nanobody (SAA0908) RHC45301 ELISA
Anti-Human C4A Nanobody (SAA0907) RHC45302 ELISA
Anti-Human CCL3/MIP-1-alpha Nanobody (SAA1270) RHC79201 ELISA,RIA
Anti-Human BCL2 Nanobody (SAA1206) RHC81001  ELISA,SPR
Anti-Human MAPT/Tau/PHF-tau Nanobody (SAA1351) RHC82417 ELISA,SPR
Anti-Human CD28 Nanobody (SAA1283) RHC83401 ELISA,SPR
Anti-Human CD11b/ITGAM Nanobody (SAA1302) RHC86602  ELISA
Anti-Human CD331/FGFR1 Nanobody (SAA1366) RHC88101 ELISA,IF,SPR,WB
Anti-Human CD20/MS4A1 Nanobody (SAA1332) RHC90701 ELISA
Anti-Human CD64/FCGR1A Nanobody (SAA1312) RHC93401 ELISA
Anti-Human CCL2/MCP-1 Nanobody (SAA1269) RHC97801 ELISA,RIA
Anti-Human CCL5/RANTES Nanobody (SAA1271) RHC97901 ELISA,RIA
Anti-Human C6/Complement C6 Nanobody (SAA1039) RHC99702 ELISA
Anti-Human SLC5A1 Nanobody (SAA0963) RHD01801 ELISA
Anti-Human GFAP Nanobody (SAA1221) RHD03101 ELISA,IHC,WB
Anti-Human DRD2 Nanobody (SAA1361) RHD04802 ELISA
Anti-Human CD122/IL2RB Nanobody (SAA1051) RHD06901 ELISA
Anti-Human GABRA1 Nanobody (SAA1342) RHD07301 ELISA,SPR
Anti-Human CD13/ANPEP/APN Nanobody (SAA1324) RHD08901 FCM,WB
Anti-Human CD19 Nanobody (SAA1246) RHD10802 ELISA,FCM
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